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Tips to Marie Kondo your family pictures

The very personal things are the hardest to tidy. Still, it needs to ‘sparks joy in your heart’, says Marie Kondo, or else you should get rid of it. Tidying your family’s photos is for many the hardset to clear in your home, says Kondo. Here are some tips to tackle this daunting task straight from the guru herself.

She recommends that you collect all the printed photos you have around the house. Even remove them from their albums. Lay them on the floor according to the year or period in which they were taken. Key here is to be ready to let go of pics that are similar, or ones that are of moments you don’t really care to remember. If you have several photos from the same day, choose the best one. When it comes to negatives, says Kondo, it's simple: get rid of them all. Another good rule: only hang on to pictures in which you, or the people in them, are looking good.

We have so many digital pictures, and when you have a baby the amount grows exponentially the first year. How to overcome this mountain of images. With digital data the same principles apply: choose what you want to keep, not what you want to discard – you’ll never finish the job if you try to decide which ones to erase when there are so many possibilities. Start by making a new folder in your computer, and then move all the images you choose to keep into this folder.

Enjoy it!
To me, the task feels like a giant, never ending thing on my to do list. But according to Kondo, sorting out your family photos can be the happiest tidying job ever – especially if you do it altogether as a family. Maybe even including more generations. The pictures will bring back memories and seeing your family across many years will help you make sense of your story. It can lead to acknowledgement about what each generation has done for the next. You'll suddenly remember special days, ordinary days, big occasions and milestones. What it gives is what all clutter-clearing should give: the chance to relive wonderful memories and to respect and honour your family history, while putting your life into order so you can fill the present with the things that matter, and that bring you happiness in the moment.

Our products are a way to make your Marie Kondo task easier: the images that have cards in them can be filtered out easily. They are pictures of special moments that mean more than others. We'll continue to try and bring you tools to have memories that spark joy. And good luck with this mission, should you choose to accept it.