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 Your family, your memories

I heard it said once that sometimes, memories of a moment are better than the actual moment itself. The reason is, that as you are experiencing something, anything can happen. Anything can go wrong. We are wired to survive, so we’re always scanning our surroundings for possible danger. We’re alert and ready to act if something happens that might cause us pain or harm. This is why pictures of a trip to the zoo can bring more joy (‘Gosh remember that? We had so much fun that day!’) than the trip itself (‘Who needs to pee? No you can’t put your finger through the fence.’) 

This is why I love memories and why I love capturing them. 


Our new line of high quality cards and album helps you create those memories and gives room for more moments than only the first smile, tooth and words. It’s the perfect gift this Christmas for anyone you know who is expecting in 2020. I wish you many beautiful moments and even better memories with your family!