Meet our designer Jessy! Jessy has an eye for images, colours and design and works closely with all the talented artists that create illustrations for our products and cards. She's also a talented photographer with an upcoming exhibition next month.

Everybody loves beautiful pictures to cherish forever.
Jessy listed 5 tips to improve your baby's photos.
First of all: you don't need an expensive camera to take good photos, the best image begins in your head, inspired by your baby. So even if you don't have the newest phone or camera, don’t worry… Just go for it!

Tip 1: Choose your lighting - Taking a photo always starts with choosing the best lighting. Go for soft light coming from a window, this is way more flattering than for example having to use a flash. Natural lighting gives your baby a much softer look. Try to place your baby in a bright spot in the house or go outside if the weather will let you.

Tip 2: Simple background - Try to avoid a busy background, this distracts from what you actually want to capture. Keep your background simple and let your baby take "center stage" in the image. Push away the dirty laundry and lingering toys before you begin :)

Tip 3: Capture little details - Don’t forget to document the sweet little details. These are the things that you want to remember when they grow older. Don't be afraid to get up close and take images of little hands, feet, toes, ears, nose, and lips. IPhone does a great job with macro photography, where you can produce photos of small items larger than life size.

Tip 4: Click away! - Taking photos is free and unlimited, so use it! Babies are fast moving and the tiniest details can make or break a shot. You'll be happy if you can find the perfect one out of all the photos.

Tip 5: Capture the special moments - Ultimately the main reason to take photos of your baby is to document their childhood. When it comes to babies, everything changes so fast. What they look like and all the stages they go through like sleeping through the night, sitting up, rolling over, and so on. Always try to capture the special moments in thier lives so you can remember them forever!

We are here to help you capture the memorable moments and turn them into lasting memories. Take a look at our Baby Photo Cards.

Have fun taking photos, we hope we made it a bit easier for you!

PS. We love to see your photos! #milestonebaby