A great wish came true today; the launch of our collaboration with Emily Winfield Martin! Her whimsical style and detailed illustrations are one of a kind. We're very proud to be working together with such a talented artist. Meet our newest member of the Milestone™ family:

What is a moment you remember most as a child that made you smile?
It's probably no surprise that I really loved dressing up in costumes when I was little. I think one of my happiest memories was dressing up as Tinkerbell the Halloween I was five or six and going door to door with my dad. I had little wire wings with net stretched over them, and I remember my mom had sewn pom-poms to the toes of my tennis shoes.

What is it about Milestone™ that attracted you as an artist and who creates captivating children’s books, to want to create a set together?
I feel like The Wonderful Things You Will Be (among all my books) dovetails perfectly with the idea of marking Milestones -- all of those moments that happen as someone grows up that feel both universal & totally unique.

Do you have a favorite card in the set of Baby Photo Cards, if so which one and why?
I love the little Tooth image (from the logo of The Missing Teeth, the name of the kid's band in Wonderful Things.) That was my go-to imaginary band name for years, and I'm very happy it's immortalized in various ways now.

What feeling do you hope new parents get when they use their photo cards?
I think a sense of possibility is one of the most important things to keep close & value, really at any time of life. But we probably never feel it more profoundly than when we're getting to know a completely new little person, and seeing them grow, and experiencing the total magic of seeing someone becoming themselves.

What inspires you the most when creating new illustrations?
I love images that tell stories just by themselves, without any words, usually in the little details. It's all about little details for me.