Only 2 days to go until our Special Moments Booklets are available! We have a special booklet for each family's passion. Today's spotlight is on the great outdoors! Meet Rachael, she discovered the beautiful outdoors because it brought a lot of calmth to her family. And with an outdoorsy husband who's better to inspire us to go outside than her?

 Hi Rachael, welcome to our blog. We so happy to have you, tell us about your family. 
- Hello! My name is Rachael and I’m a wife to my husband Brandon and mama to my sweet 13 month old boy, Paxton Bear. Being a parent has been the hardest yet most rewarding thing I've ever done. I had many expectations of how our son would be but it hasn’t always been an easy journey. He has proved to be extremely challenging in so many ways but we have done our best not to feel completely defeated and have tried so many things to see what works for the three of us in making him happy. One thing we discovered was he would tend to be the most relaxed and calm when outside. Whether it was out in the cool Spring air looking around and taking it all in, or even at the conservatory in the winter months, looking at all of the plants and trees; these activities would really change his whole personality and truly calm him down, making him seem like a different baby. I never used to be an outdoorsy person but since my husband is, and the fact that Paxton loves it, I’m starting to realize all the different experiences there is to be had in the great outdoors. We love pulling him behind the bike in the Burley trailer, going on hikes, and hoping to start taking him on camping trips soon!

What is your dream outdoor trip with your family?
- Being in the sun and by the water are my happy place, whereas my husband loves roughing it in the woods or being in the mountains. Pax is just a happy camper doing anything outside so I think a good combo that would make all of us happy would be a camping trip with a beautiful scenery near the water around the end of summer or early fall! I think it would be amazing to check out Glacier National Park in Montana or Moraine Lake in Banff - Just two ideas that come to mind.

What was the first special moment you experienced with Pax that has been a highlight in your journey of motherhood so far?
- Being able to nurse him right after my intense labor and delivery brought such a sweet bond between us. I have loved every moment of this journey. I love the way he looks at me, the sound of him breathing, and the way he touches my face or plays with my hair. Much of these more recent days have been a little monkey climbing on me but they are still moments I won't forget and will continue to cherish. I gave up a lot to be able to continue nursing him. He had a bad tummy from the start but I really wanted to try my best to make it work if I could.  I know a lot of woman aren't able to breastfeed and it was something special we shared together so I didn't want to just give up and move on. I changed my diet to be super bland, no dairy, gluten, spice, acidic foods etc. Over the last 6 months I have slowly added some of these foods back in my diet and now we are still going strong after almost 14 months!

Can you describe your favorite memory you captured with your baby from using the Baby's First Outdoor Moments booklet by Milestone™?
- These photos were taken a few days ago and I was so excited to have a beautiful fall picnic at a local apple orchard. It was the most perfect day and all I envisioned was us relaxing, eating our cheese and crackers, fruit, and apple cider donuts. Instead it was 10 minutes of chaos with a little boy climbing all over his mama, shoving the entire block of cheese in his mouth and smooshing the bananas into my pretty new flannel blanket. Moments with a little boy aren’t always what I thought it’d be, but that’s ok! I love that he is so full of energy and is so curious. It gives me peace knowing he will be able to fend for himself someday with how aware he is. Our time together, whether good, bad, or messy, create memories I will cherish forever and never forget.

What future moments are you looking forward to most with your baby?
- There is so much world to see and so many things to do, I can’t wait to continue this journey with my family. Seeing Paxton’s eyes light up when he discovers something new outside is so fun to watch; it inspires us to do more outdoors. I’m so excited for more adventures with my wild little explorer.

What do you love most about being a Mom?
- I love watching his eyes light up in wonder to new environments, sounds, places, and experiences. I love watching him grow, explore & learn. I love the closeness that nursing has brought to us from day one. Each phase brings a new challenge, but it has allowed me to become more patient with our little one as we continue to overcome.

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