Yaaaayy! Our Special Moments Booklets are available to order! To celebrate today's launch we invited Kim, a kid fashion + travel blogger, to share her experiences with our Baby's First Fashion Moments booklet. She has the cutest kids and their outfits are adorable! So read more and get inspired for the best outfits for your little one!

We proudly present Kim:
Hi! I'm Kim, a kid's fashion and travel blogger over at Wear Love Wanders, photographer and fiber artist. I live in Columbus, Ohio, with my husband and our two littles. Liam just turned 4 years old and Caleb is 6 months old. Caleb is pretty much the happiest, laid-back baby I've ever met. Which is great, because our family is constantly on the go between preschool, play dates and road trips. He's also super snuggly and a total mama's boy.

How did you choose to dress your baby? What inspires you?
If you walk through the baby/toddler clothing section at a store, you'll notice that there's at least double the amount of clothing options for girls than there are for boys. When I was pregnant with Liam, I knew I wanted more choices when it came to his clothes. That's when I discovered small shops. I'd say about 95% of my kids' clothes are from small shop brands. They wear everything from graphic tees and shredded jeans to more curated, heirloom pieces. When it comes to their clothes, I'm inspired by playful and unique basics that are easy to wear.

What was a special moment has been a highlight in your journey of motherhood so far?
Caleb joined our family through adoption. Like with probably most parents, we didn't know how Liam would adjust to being a big brother. And because there are a lot of layers and complexities to adoption, there wasn't as much time to prepare him for adding a new baby to our family as we would have with a pregnancy. Liam was able to meet Caleb in the hospital the day after he was born and it was such a special moment for our family. And if you're wondering, Liam is a fantastic big brother and loves Caleb so much!

Can you describe your favorite memory you captured with the Baby's First Fashion Moments booklet by Milestone™?
It finally feels like fall is here! Fall is my favorite season. I love how the cool, crisp air and changing leaves help me transition from summer fun into the busyness of the holidays. Our family has loved sharing all of Caleb's firsts together. The day Caleb wore this special fall outfit, we took him to his first pumpkin patch and to a fun fall festival in town. This day also ushered in another special first for him - it's the day he got his first tooth!

What's your favorite outfit for your baby? Why?
Just one outfit? It's so hard to choose! I guess I would have to say that one of my current favorites is this onesie we own from Morgan and Mae Co. I'm constantly singing songs to Caleb. For some reason, the Skidamarink song is one of the ones I sing to him often. I'm not sure if it's because it's something my parents always sang to me, or maybe it's just the catchy tune. Whatever it is, it always seems to make Caleb smile when I sing it to him. I love that Morgan and Mae Co. put some of the lyrics on a onesie. Also, anything that shows off Caleb's chunky thighs is a total win in my book.

What do you love most about being a Mom?
I love being able to see glimpses of the people they're going to see someday. It's a huge responsibility, knowing that you're taking part in raising a human being and that it's up to you to teach them how to be kind, responsible individuals. Parenting can be hard and exhausting a lot of the time, so when those glimpses show up, it's a reminder that I must be doing something right.

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