Christmas is right around the corner, we can't wait! Decoration the tree, unwrapping gifts, riding around to see all the Christmas lights. We've invited big Christmas fan Shawndee to test our new Baby's First Christmas Moments booklet. She's sharing her beautiful family memories, the highlights of motherhood and of course her Christmas plans!

Hi Shawndee, it's a honor to have you on our blog today! Tell us about yourself and your family.
- I'm Shawndee and I'm the mama behind The Momma Bun, a lifestyle and motherhood blog. I am 25, live in AZ, have an awesome husband and two kiddos. My daughter, Arabella, turned two in July and my youngest baby, Little Josh (LJ) is almost three months old.

What are you planning for LJ's first Christmas
- Because LJ was just born in July, we have not celebrated a Christmas yet. We have a lot planned to celebrate LJ's first Christmas. We are looking forward to driving around looking at Christmas lights, decorating Christmas cookies, decorating our tree and taking a trip to the snow. 

What was the first special moment you experienced with LJ that has been a highlight in your journey of motherhood so far?
- The first special moment I shared with my little guy, was on the day I met him. After his delivery, he wasn't crying, he was cold and had a difficult time breathing at first. The nurses cleaned his nasal passages out, warmed him up, g
ot him crying and then gave him back to me. Once they laid him on my chest, I was overwhelmed with joy and love. More recently, we took our first trip to Disneyland with LJ. He had a ton of fun riding on "It's a Small World" and meeting Mickey Mouse with his big sis.

Can you describe your favorite memory you will capture with the Baby's First Christmas Moments booklet by Milestone™?
- Even though Christmas is still more than two months away, it is by far our favorite holiday! We love decorating our home, our Christmas tree, taking trips up to the snow, looking at Christmas lights, baking pies and doing many more Christmas traditions as a family! I am so excited to use my Special Moments Booklet to capture all of these firsts with our baby boy! 

What's your most favorite part about Christmas holiday?
- My favorite part about the Christmas holiday is spending time with family, enjoying Christmas traditions, and seeing how much joy it brings my babies. 
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