We're launching our Special Moments Booklets on October 23rd. Leading up to this day we're talking with inspiring moms about their precious family moments. Today we're talking to Morgan from The Messy Bun Mama. She's an ambitious, loving, stylish mother and a big football fan. She loves to celebrate all the special moments in life!

Thanks Morgan, for joining our countdown to
launch. Tell us about yourself and your baby!

- I'm Morgan and I run a blog called The Messy Bun Mama where I talk about parenting, style, and more! My baby is named Lincoln. He's eight months old, loves to chew on everything (especially shoes), and hates his car seat! He's our second boy, we also have a three year old!

What was the first thing you celebrated with Lincoln?
- The first thing we celebrated together was Easter which was fun because we did the Easter basket thing and an egg hunt for our three year old. We also spent time with family and it was so much fun!

What was the first special moment you experienced with Lincoln that has been a highlight in your journey of motherhood so far?
- I think just being able to hold him the first time in the hospital, but also when he smiled. He's got the best little smile with a sweet dimple. He's just the sweetest little thing.

Can you describe your favorite memory you captured with your baby from using the Special Moments Booklet - Celebration by Milestone™?
- We're a little early, but we're getting ready for the Super Bowl! We're football fans, so Super Bowl Sunday is an exciting time in our house. Last super bowl I was pregnant and didn't feel great, but this next time we'll hopefully be partying it up with our friends and family!

What future moments are you looking forward to most with your baby?
- I think we're looking forward to all the big moments! Right now we're waiting for him to start clapping, talking, and walking of course!

What do you love most about being a Mom?
- I love everything about it. Being able to raise my kids and watch them grow and learn is amazing. I love learning more about their little personalities. I look forward to seeing who they become and what they do as they grow up.

Stay tuned for more inspiring moms telling about their favorite Travel, Christmas, Birthday, Outdoor, Holiday and Fashion  moments! Can't wait to capture your baby's special moments? Our Special Moments Booklets are available world wide!