Remember the birthday parties you had as a kid? Counting down the days, the excitement of inviting your best friends, being the center of attention the whole day and on top of that the presents! Malia, the mom behind The Motherhood Kind, gives an insight on how to make this an unforgettable day!

Hi Malia, tell us about yourself and your family!

- My name is Malia and I live in Mission Viejo, California with my
husband and three kids: Sienna (3 1/2), Luke (almost 2), and Penelope (8 months). I never imagined I would be a mom that had three children in three years, but it has turned into the biggest blessing of my life. My
youngest, Penelope, was a happy surprise. I found out I was pregnant when my 2nd baby Luke was only 7 months old. My friends laugh because the signs were there and I had no idea! I was exceptionally tired, gained weight and joined a gym, got sick, but wrote it off as food poisoning, and ate an entire jar of kalamata olives in one sitting before finally taking a pregnancy test. When I finally went to see the doctor, it turned out that I was already 12 weeks pregnant! Penelope has a really sweet temperament and I can’t imagine our family without her. She is babbling up a storm, crawling and scooting backwards and side-to-side, and lets out the best giggles. I write for a blog called The Motherhood Kind. I started the blog because I felt motherhood really changed me as a person. The second reason for the name is to see ourselves, and others, in the light of kindness. Shame is such a language of
each culture, age, and life stage. I want to promote kindness with
my blog, even if it is just on a small level.

How did you celebrate your babies’ first birthdays?
- For Sienna’s first birthday, we had a picnic lunch at a local park. Many of my friends had kids of all ages and a park seemed like a practical place to gather. Plus, there was the added perk of less to clean up at home! I went with a “Pretty in Pink” theme. She had a pink skirt and pink crown and I made pink cupcakes with white sprinkles. For Luke, I chose “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” by Eric Carle, as his first birthday theme because the boy can seriously eat! He also really likes sitting down and reading the book. I loved using all the colors of the rainbow and gave away Crayola markers as party favors to the kids. For Penny, we are still in the planning stages, but I am thinking about an “Under the Sea” theme or possibly letting go of a theme and just have gobs and gobs of flowers – floral crown, floral cake, flower wall, flowers upon flowers.

What was a special moment in your journey of motherhood so far?
- Some of my top moments have been their first smiles and their first birthdays. One of my favorite memories that first came to mind was their first baths. They each have reacted so differently to the water. They all love bath time and we plop them all in the tub together as part of our evening routine. The bath has been a soothing comfort and time simple connection at the end of the day. As mothers, we are given such a gift to witness many of our children’s first experiences. Someone once told me, “As parents, we give our children their one and only childhood.” That proclamation has really stuck with me.

Can you describe your favorite memory you captured with the Baby's First Birthday booklet by Milestone™?
- Penelope has just recently started sitting and I love that she has all her little stuffed animal friends surrounding her, as well as pillows that will break her fall in case she falls backward! She is not yet one, but the cards have given me ideas on photo opportunities for her birthday. I love that Milestone is like scrapbooking within a photo and that it marks a special moment in time. Milestone helps you remember those precious memories that you want to hold onto so tightly.

Do you have a Birthday tradition within your household?
- With Sienna, I snuck into her room before she woke up and put a half a dozen balloons near her so she could see them when she woke up. She woke up saying, “Mama, mama, mama! Balloons!!” I am pretty sure I will keep the tradition up. I also love making a cake for their birthdays. After all, is it really a party without cake? ;)

What do you love most about being a Mom?
- I love seeing everything through their eyes. They have such a sense of wonder, imagination, and curiosity. I love the cuddles and how their entire body fits into my arms and on my lap. It’s also awe-inspiring to see them learn new things, to fail and try again so quickly. I love seeing them grow and develop from little newborns, to toddlers with their own blossoming personalities. Becoming a mom has also given me a new perspective on the importance of mentoring and giving back to the future generations.

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