The story behind our free Premature Cards
Where it all started and why we think it should be available for everybody.

Lizzie Buxon:“My daughter Clara was born at 28 weeks via emergency C section after I developed HELLP syndrome – this is like a severe form of pre-eclampsia which threatens the life of both the mother and baby.It all came as rather a shock when I started to get intense pains in my chest. I began throwing up and became rather delirious so my husband needed to get me to hospital as soon as possible. As soon as we arrived at the maternity ward I was put on a whole cocktail of drugs to alleviate the pain and try and stop the course of HELLP. They injected steroids into me to help the baby. As soon as my blood results were back the decision was made that they would have to deliver immediately to prevent any further risks. Clara was born at 3.46pm on a Saturday afternoon.

She was immediately worked on by a whole team of specialist paediatricians and nurses as she couldn’t breathe by herself. She was just under 2lbs when she was born and so very, very small. She was whisked away to be cared for whilst they continued to stabilise me. She was in intensive care for 3 days and it wasn’t until she was able to be transferred to the High Dependency Unit of the SCBU that I was able to hold her for the first time on the Tuesday. 

Clara spent just over 10 weeks – 72 days in the NICU and had 4 blood transfusions and 100’s of other tests, scans and procedures whilst there. Having a premature baby is such a roller coaster with the highs and lows going to such extremes. Clara’s granny bought her the original baby milestone cards and we used to delight at being able to use them each week and month to record her progress. It took her a very long time to reach 1kg and she had many set backs but she (like all prem babies!) was a real fighter! It’s hard to look back at some of those photos but equally I’m so glad that we took them as the whole NICU stay can become such a blur. It’s so important to celebrate every one of their achievements from coming off oxygen to being able to take out their feeding tubes. Putting on just the smallest bit of weight is celebrated too – we had a gorgeous cake when she finally made it to 1kg!

We would have loved to have had the prematurity cards during our NICU journey and feel so honoured that Clara was able to inspire this very special set to be made!

We feel so incredibly lucky to have been looked after by such amazing staff at the NICU at Tunbridge Wells hospital and will always hold all the staff so closely to our hearts for everything they did for Clara. We also made some absolutely amazing friends who we continue to cherish. Being the parent of a premature baby is emotionally and physically exhausting but the joy you experience for every step they take is immeasurable. We are a stronger family for our experience and know never to take the small things for granted. We couldn’t be more proud of Clara and all the amazing babies who fight to get bigger and stronger!!

By that time the Premature Cards did not belong to our collection yet, but Lizzie made us think about the need of a set of cards to celebrate all those tiny, but nevertheless incredible important, steps in the life of a premature child. So that was the moment we created a special set of cards together with 6 very important moments for premature babies. To help them and their loving parents celebrate these big achievements during the stressful and scary times they are going through. We decided to offer this set for free, realizing that we could bring a bit of sunshine and a smile during a sometimes very difficult moment in a precious little life.

Click HERE to download the FREE Premature Cards. They are available in English (UK/US), German, Spanish, Dutch, Estonian, Swedish and Finnish.