We are all about capturing special moments that have meaning to you and your family. Feeding your new born baby definitely falls in that category. We spoke to Lindsey from Lactation Link about why breastfeeding is worth the effort and why she loves Milestone™ to create special family memories around it.

What are the greatest benefits of breastfeeding?
I think this is so individual for each mom and baby! I have a free email course where I ask the Moms why they want to breastfeed. The answers that come back vary but are so important to each individual mom: "I want that special bonding time with baby", "I feel this is the best nutrition for baby and want to do what I can to provide it", "Breastfeeding is important to me because it's a huge cost savings for our family", the list goes on!

What moments should new moms celebrate more often than they do?
The small victories! It's the small steps that help us climb a mountain. Mountains sure look daunting from the bottom! Celebrating small steps for either our postpartum recovery, baby's growth, or breastfeeding goals can make big goals so much more enjoyable and manageable. We put so much pressure on ourselves as mothers, we need to work on being okay with those small steps.

What’s the best advice you can give?
The best advice I can give is Mama Knows Best! We are uniquely equipped with knowing what's best for our own babies and kids. I think prenatal education and postpartum support plays such an important role. It lays a foundation and helps you more confidently tap into that mother's intuition and 'mama knows best' instincts. It's why I started Lactation Link and made my mission statement "Creating Confident Moms" - I want each Mom to feel confident in her journey and ability to manage those curveballs that inevitably come our way as mothers. If you are planning on breastfeeding or curious about what's right for you and your baby, make sure to take a course with me! Getting educated on breastfeeding before your baby arrives is the number one way to be successful with it

What excited you most about your collaboration with Milestone?
In my breastfeeding classes we talk about setting your breastfeeding goals even before you've delivered your baby. We've created these fun cards to help you celebrate those goals after baby arrives! Also to document really fun moments like "my first latch at home", remembering "our favorite nursing spot", and also getting "back to birthweight" as all babies lose a little in the beginning and regaining that lost weight is a milestone of wellness! I was most excited to create these cards so mothers could look back on these precious days with fond memories. With newborns, the days seem long and the weeks go quick as they seem to grow so fast. With life being so busy, Milestone™ makes it so easy to document as you go! I'm also so excited to follow along as Moms share and tag me in these cherished moments on social media. I'll also look forward to sharing some on our instagram page.

About Lindsey
"Lindsey Shipley, RN, IBCLC is a mom of 2, Registered Nurse, Childbirth Educator, and Board Certified Lactation Coach. She owns Lactation Link, a private practice offering breastfeeding support through breastfeeding video classes, blog, and online mother support forum on instagram. She also offers personal consultation through online video chat appts and travels for many of her clients. Lactation Link’s mission statement is to empower women through education to reach their goals, whatever they may be. A great place to get started is Lindsey's free 6-day email course."