Nicole from The Every Day Simple always loved cooking with her mom when she was young. And now, Nicole shares what she learned from her mom with her own children. Her favorite recipe is ... bread! "It's so easy and fun to make with kids, and so delicious." She shares her story and her favorite recipe for bread with us in this Special Moments blog! 

Nicole: "Growing up, some of my best memories were made in the kitchen with my mom. From doing homework in the kitchen while she cooked dinner, to helping prepare holiday feasts, there was always something to be done, and plenty of ways that she found to include me, despite my age.


Even though including kids in cooking is often not an easy or simple thing 

to do, I knew that I wanted to includemy children as early and and often as 

possible so that we too would be able to share those memories that my mom 

Cooking with kids recipe

and I do.

One thing that I have started making every single week is homemade bread. It is the simplest recipe and process, and the beauty of having a fresh loaf of bread on our counter every week is worth the little bit of extra work. This is a great recipe to include Shiloh in. There are only 5 ingredients, and a little bit of measuring and mixing, making it something that she can pretty much make on her own with a little guidance. It is amazing how capable children are if we let them be. I think all too often we underestimate our little ones and their abilities, and end up robbing them of experiences because we think they aren’t old enough for them.

My favorite thing about cooking with Shiloh is the pride that I can see beaming from her when the bread is complete. When we finally get to pull it out of the oven, while the smell of fresh bread is wafting through the house, she usually yells, “I made that!” She is so pleased with herself and her ability to make something with her hands. To allow her to see the whole process of how something so warm and hearty came from something as basic as flour is priceless. Seeing a project through to completion, and seeing the value of them. 

When we gather around our old butcher block table at the end of the day, with a board full of homemade bread in the middle of it, I always find myself feeling so thankful. Thankful for good food, thankful for family, and thankful for opportunities to share memories with the things they can make is a valuable lesson to teach our little ones.


Foodie moment captured with Special Moments Booklet - Foodie


Include your children. Find simple recipes that they can help with, and I bet if they feel ownership over the food, they will be all the more likely to eat it and enjoy it. The mess will be worse, the cooking will take way too long, and the food may be a little saltier in the end, but the smile on their face when it’s all said and done is well worth it the extra work. Just like making homemade bread. It’s worth it.

Here is the bread recipe that we use. Have fun and enjoy this lovely bread!"

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