Meet our stylist Doctor Fashion a.k.a. Cynthia Schrijver. She's is a very experienced stylist who has been working for Milestone™ from the very first photoshoot. She works for several well known fashion, lifestyle & kids brands, magazines and as a personal shopper. Her specialty is that she works from the heart, which brings everything to next level. We spoke to her about styling tips and the fashion industry.

Doctor Fashion we need some help, what are your 3 most important styling tips for kids?
Fashion and comfort
''I find the combination of fashion + comfort very important! Ask your child what makes them happy. For example my daughter loves soft materials & my son loves color. I always try to make the perfect mix between their wishes and what I like. So they feel realy happy when wearing their clothes!''

Mix print and colors
''With kids fashion you can go a step further with fun combinations! Don’t be afraid to mix prints & colors :). Just be aware that you stay in the same color intensity.''

''I love details. You can always add fun shoe laces, rainbow nail polish or a cool brooch!''

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How did you become a stylist?
''I first went to the fashion academy in Amsterdam. After my graduation I worked as a fashion designer, in several clothing stores & at a PR agency. Everything to get to know the fashion industry from all kind of perspectives!
16 years ago I started my own company as a freelance stylist & personal shopper. I love the variety between working for brands, magazines & one-on-one with people!''

I’m curious… how do you prepare  for a Milestone™ photoshoot?
''At first we have a brainstorm with Gemma (founder) and Charlotte (photographer) to discuss the details of all the images. After that point I take over and arrange things like:

  • select kids models
  • find a perfect location
  • make a shotlist, so we know exactly what we need for which shot
  • shop lots & lots of clothes / shoes / accessories
  • style all the outfits
  • shop props that you see in the background, such as bike / toys / blanket / b-day cake
  • make a callsheet, to inform the whole team about the photoshoot
  • make a moodboard / photography plan, so we work as efficient as possible

And then finally… we have the day of photography! :)
During that day I dress all the models & style the background of the photography sets.
My heart jumps with joy if everything falls into place in a perfectly styled photo!''

What is a special fashion memory to you?
''When I was 22 years old I assisted world famous catwalk photographer Peter Stigter for a couple of days in Paris. We went to the haute couture show of Versace, which turned out to be Versace's last show. Everything was so new to me in this fashion world… being backstage at the luxurious Ritz hotel, the famous models. It was all quite impressive!''

What was your best workweek ever?
''For fashion shoots I went to Iceland, Namibia & Italy. Iceland really stole my heart. We went there for a week with a great team. Next to that we had a lot of fun, the Icelandic nature is so impressive! This is where work & pleasure comes together. It’s on my wishlist to go back :).''

What project did you just work on?
''There’s a new Dutch magazine coming up: LIEFKE magazine. I had the honour to style the 14 pages of fashion. They work from the perspective of slow living. This is really new in the world of magazines! A couple of months before the launch we had our first meeting, so the creative process could slowly kick in. This gave us space to come up with great ideas. The result is a perfect balance between fashion, aesthetics & inspiration. Love this way of working together so that you bring each other next level.''

Do you want to know more about Doctor Fashion? Check out her website and Instagram! Read more about our photoshoots in the Behind the scenes blogpost.