Your best friend / sister / cousin / college bestie / sister in law is expecting a baby! Yay! And you have the honor of throwing her an unforgettable baby shower. Whether you're the go to party planner in your family or the whole thing has you lying awake at night: we've got your back with these 5 tips and tricks.

Tip 1: "Surpriseeee!!"
A big surprise will guarantee happy tears! Block her schedule with a casual coffee date. All attendees should be present 30 minutes beforehand, prepare the last minute decorations and make a plan for the moment she arrives. When she enters the room and sees all of you standing there, the food, the decorations and the gifts, she'll be overwhelmed with happiness, like I said, keep the tissues close!

Tip 2: The perfect location
Is she an indoorsy type of girl? Go for a cozy setting at home with a lot of pillows, blankets, tea, cookies and her favorite games. Is she more an outdoor type? Take her for a little walk and surprise her with a picnic in the park. Or go to her favorite coffee place and set up a big table there. If she's a true foodie the best restaurant in town could be a great option.

Tip 3: Something to remember

Make sure you have Baby Shower Cards at the party. The guests write down their wishes for the baby and predict the little ones hair color, eye color, gender, weight and name. A great way to get the party started and a beautiful keepsake.

Tip 4:
Memorable gifts
Think about the gifts that would mean the world to her, for both the baby and the mom. Go for personal, thoughtful and original gifts only. With our Baby Photo Cards she can capture and remember all the special moments that are ahead of them. The Baby Age + Moments Blocks are a great way to capture baby's growth and special moments like tummy time, smiles and baby on the move. They are also fun to capture her growing baby bump with!

Tip 5: Decorations, food and drinks
Start with a theme and the rest will follow. Like marine with a blue cake, little boats, an anchor and rescue rings as decoration. Or a vintage theme with old suitcases and an oldschool perambulator? Don't forget the balloons, pompoms and honey combs in different colours for the finishing touch! Let other guests bring their favourite dish to make it more personal. Serve (alcohol free) cocktails, organic vegetables with yogurt dip or a decorative fruit salad.

Last but not least, the most important tip of all: have fun! You're job is to celebrate love, life and friendship and to make some special memories. 
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Have tips to share too? Let us know!