Emily, our Country Manager in the USA is expecting her second baby :) How exciting!! She knows it can be difficult for a first mom to create a registry so she listed 7 useful tips, to get you started on your registry!

Emily: "I clearly remember with my first pregnancy how overwhelmed I felt when it was time to start planning on what I will need for the new baby. Being a first-time mom-to- be I spent endless hours researching online and asking friends and family about all the essentials. There are millions of baby products out there and the process of choosing can be extremely stressful. I felt like by choosing the best and the most products I’ll guarantee myself an easy transition into this crazy adventure called “motherhood”. So, I spent a lot of time searching the internet.

After having my first baby, I discovered all the products that I loved, what I like and did
not like, all the essentials I could not live without, etc. I also realized that what might seems to work for one person, might not work for me or my baby, so the process of creating a registry is very personal and depends strongly on your family preferences and lifestyle. I also realized that you don’t need that much to raise a baby, so sometimes registering for everything and anything can just turn into a huge clutter of things you will never end up using. So I decided to list 7 tips for every new mom for getting started on her registry.

The first, and very important, step is to decide where to register at. I found out that I liked

different products from different stores, so I decided to use Babylist.

1. Check out the Gift Guides for inspiration, very helpful!
Work your way from the Sample Registries that fit your lifestyle like; Budget, Second Baby or Green Baby Registry. 
3. They have a category called Cash Funds, where you can pick from Child Care, to College
Fund. Brilliant, especially if this is your second or third and you already have a lot of the necessities
4. Get social with other moms, Babylist’s platform is THE place to find great feedback and wonderful comments.
5. Toys, books and clothing items are usually everyone’s favorite part to shop for, so you will get plenty of those even without requesting them
6. You don’t have to register for products only, Babylist allows you to register for services also called helps and favors, like diaper service or homemade meals. AMAZING!
Get your free Hello Baby Box!

I received mine this week, check my unboxing video below!"


In my next blog I'm sharing all my registry musthaves!