Life is an adventure. And one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding parts is when you start a family. With all its ups and downs, this is a time of your life – and your baby’s life - that you wish to remember forever. We are dedicated to helping moms, dads and babies to capture, share and remember those special family moments.

Imagine looking back on this time. Things that are a routine today, will not be part of your daily life 10 years from now. Will you remember them? Time flies, and being aware of that can bring you so much in the future. That’s why we created this blog. To share awareness about memories and their value, ideas on what to capture, tips on how to create lasting memories, stories from other moms and inspiration from special people. And of course we love to hear your stories and feedback too.

We believe life becomes more valuable if you are aware of what matters to you. We hope to meet you here!

Team Milestone™

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