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Your baby is turning 1 soon! This is the birthdays of all birthdays! And you really want to capture this day well so you can look back on it later. So enjoy this special day, focus on being with your loved ones, but also keep this little checklist handy so you don't wake up the next day to realize you yourself are not in any of the shots (Tip nr 5 ;-).

1. Waking up: In our family, we wake up the birthday boy (I have 3 boys) by entering the room singing and holding a muffin or small cake with a candle. Everyone has their own morning tradition, but be sure to capture it. It's your family's tardition and your kids will remember it.

2. Decorations/Theme Whether you're having a theme party or just went all out with balloons and confetti, you'll want to remember. 

3. Cake The cake of course! And before any one eats from it ;-) or does a cake smash (capture that one too obviously)

4. Party outfit Are we dressing up? Yes we are! And taking pics of course, also before the cake gets smashed ;-))

5. Parents Seriously, my kids would have thought I missed their birthday parties if I had not used this tip. In our family, I take the pictures so I am not in any of them! Solution? Ask a friend to take care of that if you know you'll be too busy. And also add a group picture of your whole family as well.

6. Presents Pile of presents, baby diving in, being excited from opening them. Who knows, there might be a stuffed toy among them that will secretly be going with your little one when he goes off to college. How fun to see that first encounter.

7. Partying Get random shots of everyone mingling (and not always posing for the camera). That captures the vibe and energy and will bring you back to that very first birthday years from now. Create lots of beautiful memories and ... Have fun!

PS To capture even better memories, check out our First Birthday Booklet

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