Becoming a mom has always made me think of the song 'Ironic' by Alanis Morissette: ‘It’s like having the most unique experience of your life, but being to tired to enjoy it’. That's how I felt after I had my first son. I felt tired, overwhelmed and unsure of myself. At the same time, I knew that one day I would be looking back, wishing I could relive it.

That’s how Milestone™ started, with me trying to create better memories of those first days, weeks and months with my baby. I started taking pictures of him that included handwritten cards. So that someday, when I would be less tired and overwhelmed, I would be able to travel back in time and realize how special it was. How little he was. How we were both learning about each other and our life together as a family. It was simply bigger than I could handle as it was happening. So I captured it for some future moment when I would be able to relive those memories and value them even more. Together with him. I can’t wait!

Invest in your memories. Make time for them. It will be so precious down the line.

About Gemma:
“I started Milestone™ in 2012 after we had our first son. Our family grew, as did the company. Two exciting journeys that sometimes go hand in hand and sometimes compete. I live in Amsterdam with my husband Friggo and our 3 sons Mikkel (6), Frey (4) and Rover (2). I believe in focussing on the positive and following your gut. A constant challenge but worth pursuing.”