I hope you all had a great Mother's Day yesterday. My 3 boys 'surprised' me with the best presents in the world: drawings and lots of cuddles!

I also thought back to 7 years ago. Two days after Friggo and I discovered we would be parents, I lost my mom to breast cancer. She did not get to see my children and she did not get to know me as a mother. She knew me as her baby, her child, her teenager, her daughter who moved out of her home, studied abroad, got her degree, got a job, got engaged, got married, got pregnant… and then, she was gone.

So much has happened in the seven years since then. We had our 3 boys, I started Milestone™. I would have loved her eyes on me and support as I ventured into this new ‘grown up’ stage of life. And I realize more and more how precious my memories of her are. I keep her close with those memories and with pictures. And by mentioning her every now and then, like I’m doing now.

Celebrate every moment as a family and make beautiful memories together! They are the most precious thing we have.

PS About being a mom: I tried to find a quiet spot to write this and here’s what happened. #momlife #talkingpinguin